Interested in offering Ayurveda at your studio? 

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If you would like me to host Ayurveda programs at your studio,

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The Shakti Shake-Up


Join Ali for an energetic vinyasa class, designed to help free your body and mind in a divine dance linking movement and breath. Share Mantra, Mudra, Asana and Meditation, to express your own creativity and let your SHAKTI loose! Let yourself be guided through kundalini kriyas designed to get your chakras humming, standing sequences to build strength and confidence, balancing shapes to build alignment and body awareness and sweet grounded stretches to melt your body into final relaxation. All levels welcome.




Off the Wall:
Next Level Inversion Practice


In this workshop, we will focus on inversions away from the wall with tips and tricks to incorporate your inversion practice into your Vinyasa Flow. We will use props and partners, and break down the approach into and out of, as well as go through specific asanas and kriyas designed to strengthen your confidence about turning your world upside down! open to all levels. Break down the walls and move towards your true, balanced center. This workshop is for Intermediate-Advanced students, at least one year of vinyasa practice.




Dance with Your Dosha: 
An Introduction to Ayurveda 


In this 2-3 hour workshop, we will learn about the seasons of the year according to the Ayurvedic Calendar. Ayurveda is called the “Sister Science” to Yoga, and is a way of keeping ourselves healthy and whole through the changes that occur in climate, lifestyle and age. You will learn to evaluate your own personal constitution, and gain insight into how and when you fall into a state of “dis-ease”. Learn tips and tricks using diet, daily sadhanas (spiritual practices) and asana choices that reflect your personal needs. As the world around us changes, adjustments can be made to keep us in a year round state of balance and harmony! Please bring a notebook and pen.




Dosha Dancing™
An Ayurvedic Approach to Asana


In this 2-3hr workshop, we will learn how to modify our asana practice according to the Principals of the Sister Science to Yoga, Ayurveda. In Vata Season, we will need focus and smoothness, in Pitta Season, cooling and calming, and in Kapha Season, energizing and detoxifying. This workshop can be tailored to climate and season depending on location. We will use mantra, mudra, asana, pranayama and specific kriyas designed to keep us balanced throughout the year. This workshop includes Lecture and Practice.