Are your teachers and students interested in Ayurveda? I'd love to train them at your studio! 


As an Ayurveda specialist, I've created a 25-50 hour Ayurveda teacher trainings for studios around the world. My 25-50 hour training module can be incorporated into any Yoga Teacher training or as an individual Program for studios anywhere in the world.



  • An introduction to the basic theory of Ayurveda

  • The principals of Ayurveda (asana, pranayama, diet, cleansing practices and lifestyle choices) 

  • Each session has theory and practice, so there is a lot of interactive lectures and direct experiences, including ayurvedic tonics, food and treatments for face, body and hair



My goal is to share the ancient system of holistic health by creating a program that is accessible (and fun!) for our modern lives.



The program can be a five day format, or adapted to two weekends.



It is suitable for yoga teachers, serious practitioners, or anyone looking to use the tools in their work or for self-healing.



If you would like me to host this Ayurveda Training at your studio, please contact me directly with any inquiries.