Ali is the greatest person to be learning all this from!! She's hilarious, super knowledgeable and experienced, humble and a really lovely compassionate person.


Jennifer Polansky, NY

Ayurveda Intensive Level 1 Grad

Having attended both workshops and retreats hosted by Ali Cramer I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.  When you see the word "Ayurveda" in a workshop or retreat, the name that ought to be next to it is, Ali Cramer.  Ali has a way of teaching that insures you understand the content and are then able to the apply it's tenets into your life to better not only yourself but also those around you.  She is a fabulous asana teacher able to take you to the next level of practice without your even noticing.  One word ....AWESOME!


Terri Fulton, PA


Ali - or as her students lovingly call her, Ali-Ma - is an inspiring and delightful teacher.  Ali is always down to earth, hilarious, and deeply passionate about yoga and Ayurveda.  Her devotion shows in the many years she has spent studying Ayurveda and in caring for her students, cultivating a divine mix of compassion and intelligence in everything she teaches.


Dana Slamp, NYC

Program Director, Prema Yoga Therapeutics at Pure Yoga NY

I make it a priority to retreat annually with my teacher, Ali Cramer. She creates an environment of serenity that is full of positive energy. You are blessed the moment you arrive and she insists you are comfortable at all times. With her deep knowledge of the Ayurvedic practice, she creates a schedule that leaves you feeling grounded, balanced, inspired and in a state of bliss. Maha Gratitude!


Mary Andreasen, NY

Ayurvedic Retreat Attendee

Ali Cramer is a true gift as an instructor and friend. She truly is the essence of what it means to live your yoga! Her warmth and down to earth personality makes everyone feel at ease during her classes and workshops. Ali's vast knowledge of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Well Being shines through in all that she does!


Kelly Corazzi, PA

Owner of  Prana Yoga

Alison Cramer's breadth of knowledge on Ayurveda and the chakra system makes her an invaluable guest expert for the Dou Yoga 200 Hour teacher training. Her enthusiasm is infectious, inspiring students to delve deeper into their studies. Her style of teaching is direct and profound, making complex topics accessible to students of all levels and backgrounds. Ali's teaching awakens spirits and transforms lives. She is truly a force.


Ariel Kiley, NYC

Yoga Entrepreneur & Author of Smitten: The Brilliant Flirt

My life changed in 2012 when I met Ali Cramer. Through her teachings, she single-handedly changed my perspective on yoga and the world. I can see things clearer, and I can laugh at things that had the potential to ruin my day. Now I have a daily practice and I'm grateful for the lessons I've learned from Ali.
Justine Ma, NYC
Lifestyle Entrepreneur, ByJustineMa.com